MAP Technology – Tray sealing machine

MAP Technology – Tray sealing machine

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Mr. Parag Patwardhan

VP S&M of Nichrome India


Why MAP Technology?

  • Convenience,
  • Quality,
  • Safety,
  • Availability,
  • Brand image,
  • Extended shelf life,
  • Sensory aspects.

What is the MAP? Science behind MAP Technology?

Modified atmosphere - Atmospheric air is combination of 3 elements N2 - (79%) O2 - (20.96%) C02 - (0.04%), traces of inert gases & vapor

In MAP technology we modify the combination of these gases depending upon the nature of the product to be packed.

What different kinds of equipment/ components are being used?

  1. Machine
  2. Gas mixer
  3. Gas analyser
  4. Trays
  5. Barrier film

MAP Technology - Advantages

  • Maintaining the quality throughout the manufacturing process (GMP) (GHP)
  • Maintaining protocols for food safety and HACCP
  • Consistent productivity with limited manpower
  • Can handle variety of products and capable of handling different SKU sizes

MAP Technology - Benefits

  • Shelf life extension
  • Waste minimisation (profit maximization)
  • Quality
  • Reduced need of artificial preservatives
  • Increased distribution possibilities
Advantages / Benefits Limitations Effect on product

Carbon dioxide

  • Inhibits growth of most aerobic bacteria
  • Extended shelf life
  • CO2 is readily absorbed by fats and water
  • Flavor tainting
  • Inert gas
  • Used to exclude air / oxygen
  • Used as balanced gas, maintain the %
  • Maintain fresh natural color
  • To maintain respiration
  • To inhibit the growth of anaerobic bacteria
  • High O2 levels damage the vital cellular macromolecules, inhibiting microbial growth
  • Deterioration
  • Reduced shelf life


MAP can control 4 types of micro - organisms:

  • Aerobic Microbes – requires oxygen or air for respiration and growth.
  • Anaerobic Microbes - do not require oxygen or air to grow.
  • Microaerophilic Microbes – requires low level of oxygen for optimum growth.
  • Facultative Anaerobic microbes - can respire and grow with/ without the presence of oxygen.

Shelf - life and food spoilage

  • Remain safe
  • Be certain to retain desired sensory, chemical, physical and microbiological characteristics
  • Comply with any label declaration of nutritional data when stored and handled under the recommended data

What influences shelf – life

  • Raw materials
  • Product formulation
  • Processing
  • Packaging, including gas atmosphere
  • Hygiene
  • Distribution
  • Storage
  • Consumer handling


Nichrome MAP Technology – Tray sealing machine

  • Nichrome – Tecnovac Semiautomatic Tray sealing machine
  • Nichrome – Tecnovac Linear Machine model Athena
  • Nichrome – Tecnovac Dual Drive Machine model Athena

Athena Dual Drive Tray Sealer

Athena Dual Drive Tray Sealer

Athena Tray Sealer

Athena Tray Sealer

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