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Preservation Technology

Basic Knowledge, Awareness, Benefits, and its association with MAP Technology

By, Food Preservation Consultant – Mr. Deep Shah, Vikalp Techno.

What is Preservation Technology?

Preservation Technology is a process which helps to increase the shelf life of any food product by not changing its texture, colour, taste, odour, or appearance. There are mainly three commercially used methods to increase the shelf life i.e. processing, packaging and preservation with the use of food additives.

Preservation with the use of food additives provides not only a better shelf life but it can also help to improve the product’s texture, appearance, and keep it fresh for a longer period of time. Preservation Technology also helps to prevent major problems like fungus, dryness or loss of moisture, rancidity, and bad odour.

Our Consultation Services for Preservation Technology and its benefits:-

Talking mainly about the Indian Sweets segment and industry, we provide consultation on Preservation Technology that can help to increase the shelf life of Indian Sweets up to 25 - 30 days*, by preventing fungus, dryness, rancidity, and bad odour. This technology is completely legal and approved by FSSAI.

It is very easy to apply and use. There is no need to teach the workers and staff about it and hence Sweets manufacturers can maintain secrecy and avoid unwanted competition.

A major problem faced by Sweets manufacturers is that the stock left unsold at the retail outlet is returned to the production unit. Those sweets are either disposed o or reconditioned. If it is disposed off, then it is a total loss. If it is reconditioned than you are compromising with the quality of the new batch with which it is mixed. If Preservation is done in the first place, then these products will have a longer shelf life and this problem can be avoided.

At the time of festivals, Sweets manufacturers want to start production in advance so that the demands of customers can be met and more production can be achieved. But due to limited shelf life this can’t be possible. With the help of Preservation Technology, advance production is possible.

We also provide scientific knowledge on the use of colour settings in such a way that by minimal use, the desired colour can be achieved and also stay within the approved limit by FSSAI.

Truth about Food Additives and its Misconceptions:-

“Food additives” are the easiest and most convenient way to increase the shelf life of a product. In the views of the general public, every food additive is a preservative and is harmful. But the fact is totally dierent than that. In reality, Food Additives include many segments such as Preservatives, Acidity Regulators, Antioxidants, Emulsifiers, Flavours, Colours, Enhancers, Stabilizers, etc. Food Additives are not at all harmfull when used in proper limitations, methods, combinations, timing, and under proper guidance.

Combining Preservation Technology with MAP Technology:-

MAP is the best packaging technology currently available for packing sweets. It provides very good results for most sweets. But MAP is a solution only for preventing the problem of fungus. It does not prevent dryness or loss of moisture and rancidity. MAP provides longer shelf life to the product only until the product is inside the packed conditions. Once opened the shelf life of the product is limited and prone to micro-bacterial growth. Mostly product loses its moisture while packed and after opening it seems dry.


Here is a table which will give you a better unders tanding of this,

MAP Technology Preservation Technology combined with MAP Technology

Shelf life is 4 to 5 days* after opening the MAP pack

Shelf life is 25 to 30 days* after opening the MAP pack

Problem of dryness persists

Mithai stays fresh & there is no problem of dryness

The moisture released from Mithai accumulates on the inner side of the film

Mithai does not loose its moisture

Mithai gets affected by fungus after opening MAP pack

Mithai does not get affected by fungus even after opening MAP pack

The customer has to consume Mithai in a very short span of time after opening the pack

The customer gets longer time to consume Mithai after opening the pack

Hence, when Preservation Technology is combined with MAP, the results are extraordinary. Both these technologies go hand in hand and compliment each other’s results. Preservation and MAP when combined can do wonders.

As a closing statement, I would like to say that there are solutions available to achieve a longer shelf life for your products. It will help you achieve more success and goodwill for your brand and business. For any more queries or information about Preservation Technology, kindly feel free to contact us at below given contact details.

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