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Skid mounted, mini milk processing and packing unit

Dairy packaging Machine

Mini Dairy plant is an ideal solution for “feel a Proud” farmers who dreams to have their own “Milk Brand” in the Market around. It is the most economical milk processing plant which converts the raw milk from farmer’s farm to hygienically packed “Branded Pouch Milk”.

Nichrome Supplies “End- To - End“ skid mounted milk processing unit along with efficient pouch packing machine as a complete solution to farming industry. The raw milk is heated, homogenized, Pasteurized, chilled and packed in suitable formats in attractive pouches. We can also offer online cream separator to initiate new business lines of “Ghee”, “Khoya”, “Paneer” manufacturing.

The plant is as small as it accommodates easily in the space of 800 sq feet. It is specially designed for the capacity of producing 300 liters of milk in an hour and also has capability to double the capacity in future with minimal additions.

Plant is equipped with insulated balance tank which keeps the milk fresh and chilled before packing. This facility can also be used to store the “Evening milk” which can be processed and packed along with next day “Morning Milk”.

The specially designed Nichrome’s Processing Plant does not require “Boiler” for heating process. Additionally it is offered with Instant glycol chiller to save on power and fuel.

The plant keeps constant eye on the “Milk- Parameters” during the complete process and ensures delivery of most safe, hygienic and pure milk is being packed in most renowned pouches.

The only plant in India which demands for a single operator for processing as well as packing unit.

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