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Bootle Filling and Packaging Machines

Bootle Filling and Packaging Machines

Consumer behavior has evolved a lot over these past few decades. Consumers today, in contrast to earlier days, are much keener on quality and hygiene, ready to pay higher prices rather than compromise their health. Nichrome has always been working closely with consumers to understand their needs and deliver accordingly. Studying their behavior pattern, we have learnt that consumers now prefer bottle, jar and tin packaging for their food products. Nichrome is ready with solutions preempting the end-consumer’s needs.

Our foresight and engineering mindset helped us develop the ‘Bottle and Jar Filling Machine’. Bottle and Jar Filling Machine comes with loads of advantages, for our clients and right up to the end-consumers. This lean machine with its rigid packaging minimizes transport damages. Earlier, for the product’s safety, secondary packaging was necessary. However it escalates the cost for the manufacturer which in turn, has to be borne by the end-consumer. Packaging products, especially food products within specified tolerance limits, is very critical and difficult to achieve. Adept in packaging technology with decades of R&D, we were able to deliver within prescribed tolerance limits. This is one of the distinguishing factors at Nichrome, where many packaging industries are still trying to cope up.

Bottle and Jar Filling Machine further substantially reduces the product damage (almost fractional) as compared to pouch packaging. In addition to the consumer’s needs, the export market too demands rigid packaging owing to its benefits. The icing on the cake when it comes to Bottle, Jar and Tin packaging is increased shelf-life. This key advantage gives manufacturers more time for marketing the product.

The list of benefits does not stop here. Brand visibility gets an edge when it comes to rigid packing. The bottle, jar and tin packaging provide much better space for branding, immensely leveraging brand awareness.

Freight damage Secondary packing cost Shelf life Brand Visibility

Nichrome is known for being ever ready for challenges, even preempting and being ready before time for the challenges & changes in the market. The new Bottle and Jar Filling Machine is another feather in our cap.

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