Powder Packaging machine

Perfecting Powder Packaging with Nichrome

The packaging of powders is not an easy task as different powders come with their own unique characteristics. Some can be free-flowing, while others can be clumpy. Some can cause a dusty environment as in the case of flour. Powders like agrochemicals can become explosive when exposed to certain gases or electric sparks. Changeovers of products can also lead to issues of cross-contamination.

Hence, the powder packaging machines used to package these powders have a crucial role to play. Packaging tends to be the last stage of the manufacturing process. These machines pack the product in packaging that ensures its protection and safety until it reaches the consumer. Any problem in the packaging stage results in the entire process quality and throughput being adversely affected.

With convenience products gaining widespread popularity, it is reasonable to expect a larger variety of products and different packaging formats for products such as spice blends, instant coffee, drink mixes, protein powders, and sweeteners among many others.

Another facet to consider is the fact that different customers have different demands. Some may have limited floor space on their premises, while others may want multiple pouch formats and SKU sizes. Some clients look for versatility – in order to pack a variety of products with the same machine. Some packaging setups might do just sachet packaging while others carry out bulk packaging. Some might have a preference for Horizontal-Form-Fill-Seal (HFFS) machines, while others might prefer Vertical-Form-Fill-Seal (VFFS) technology.

Some of the issues faced by powder filling machines are:

  • Powder Flow

    The powder flow is an important factor. Powder filling machines are configured for powders that may be clumpy. This is of considerable importance when we consider small packaging formats and dosing systems that rely on gravity to fill the cups.
  • Weight Control

    The filling process is done on the basis of volume because of which, there can be a difference in the actual weight packed. In order to fill a consistent weight of the products, the dosing system should have very good control of the volume of the product being moved.
  • Leakage of the Pack

    The pack needs to be sealed without letting powder stick between the two sides of the packaging. This is usually the case when the product is dusty and does not settle before the shutting of the sealing jars.
  • Hygiene

    Hygienic packaging is imperative in the case of powders as they need packaging machines that prevent contamination. The packaging needs to be done taking into account containment, prevention of contamination, and cleaning.

Powder Packaging with Nichrome

Nichrome offers an automated powder packaging solution for pretty much any packaging requirement or challenge. As a renowned fully automatic packing machine manufacturer and an accomplished supplier of integrated packaging solutions, Nichrome’s packaging technology expertise and knowledge of various industries and applications are unparalleled.

Nichrome’s offerings include a diverse range of spice packaging machines, shrink packing machines, coffee packaging machines, tea packaging machines, and blister packaging machines among other powder filling machines. Nichrome also has the expertise to customise its solutions for specific requirements.

Nichrome’s offerings for powder packaging include:

Vertical-Form-Fill-Seal (VFFS) Machines

Excel 400 Plus Servo Auger: This adaptable machine can be easily integrated into upstream or downstream machines and systems. It can pack in a number of pouch formats. Its optimum bagger speed is 80 pouches/min which depends on the pack size and bulk density.

Sprint 250 Plus Servo Auger: Nichrome’s Sprint 250 Plus Servo Auger has a speed of up to 120 pouches/min, high accuracy and high efficiency for the flexible packaging of a diverse range of powders in addition to snacks and grains. It can pack pouch quantities up to 2 Kgs.

Maxima 400: The Maxima 400 has a compact design and a small footprint for the production of a single or perforated chain of pouches. It has a PLC-based control system and an optional interface with PC and Data processors. The Maxima series is particularly preferred for powder packaging.

Horizontal-Form-Fill-Seal (HFFS) Machines

T Series: The T Series HFFS packaging machines from Totpack, Spain offer cutting-edge linear technology in a compact design. They can pack in a range of pouch formats with attractive and aesthetic pouch designs. Properly integrated duplex modules allow for higher outputs.

Multilane Machines

Multilane Stickpack with Multi Head Servo Auger: This versatile machine can pack free-flowing powders like milk powder, coffee powder, salt, sugar, tea etc in single-serve stickpacks which are mainly used by food chains and the travel and hospitality industries.


There aren’t many packaging machine manufacturers that can match Nichrome’s range of automated powder packaging machines. The powder filling machines in Nichrome’s repertoire are high-speed and high-performance ones. They offer high accuracy, durability and dependability in performance for years together. These versatile machines are easier to clean and maintain and allow for easy changeovers. Contact Nichrome if you need a packaging machine manufacturer with unparalleled expertise in powder packaging.

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