Don’t think twice; Nichrome packing systems are great for rice!

In most of Asia, particularly India and Bangladesh, the staple food is rice. Food grains like rice, provide much needed healthy nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals.

Most foodgrains are annual crops. But they are consumed daily. This stresses the need for rice packing machines and rice bag packing machines to avoid losses due to attacks by insects & rodents, pilferage, microbial infestation, high humidity, and heat while the product is stored. Fully automatic rice packing systems are necessary to mitigate the above risks globally.

Nichrome’s fully automatic rice packing machines and airtight food packaging systems feature pouch sealing machines and pouch packing machines. They are the epitome of excellence. We offer a wide array of pouch packing machines and have been acclaimed as the leading airtight food packaging machine supplier in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Market

According to a recent study, the rice packaging machine market in Bangladesh is growing at a CAGR of 4.1% and is expected to cross US$1.2 billion by 2028. If you are looking for a reliable airtight food packaging machine supplier in Bangladesh, then Nichrome is your first choice.

Automated rice-filling systems

Fully automatic rice packing machines are designed to weigh, fill, seal, fold, convey, shape, and palletize rice bags with high efficiency and intelligence.

The machines are made with stainless steel and feature:

  • Microcomputer chip for control
  • Programmable logic controller (PLC) touchscreen
  • Tracking & detection of defective pouches


  • Output speeds exceeding 80 bags per minute

Nichrome Machines Excel

Nichrome offers a range of fully automatic rice packing and pouch sealing machines, including rice bag packing machines, and other airtight food packaging machines that keep the contents fresh, and contamination free. They extend the shelf-life of the product. Nichrome’s Excel Plus Electronic Weigh Filler is an airtight food packaging machine that can be used for filling rice and other foodgrains.

The machine is equipped with:

  • Control engineering
  • Human-machine interface (HMI)
  • Print mark scanners
  • Servo motor driven bag length control system
  • Adjustable stroke of cross sealing jaws for optimum performance

The machine can pack rice in different bag styles such as back seal, 3-side seal, and 4-side seal bags. The output speed of the rice pouch filling machine ranges from 20-80 bags per minute. Nichrome offers an extensive range of vertical form fill seal machines (VFFS) and horizontal form fill seal machines (HFFS) for automatic, high-speed packaging of grains, pulses, and seeds.

We also offer filling and packaging machines for other food products like sugar, maize, millets, and ready to eat foods. Over the years, Nichrome has emerged as the trusted go-to supplier for fully automated filling and food packaging machinery in Bangladesh.

Efficiency & Precision

Nichrome’s automatic rice packaging machines are designed to handle various pouch or bag rice sizes and textures with precision, ensuring that each grain of rice is packed efficiently. Nichrome’s automatic rice packing machines are equipped with accurate pouch sealing mechanisms, ensuring that the rice is securely sealed.

Our pouch sealing machines create an airtight environment that shields the rice from moisture, contaminants, and oxidation, thereby preserving the inherent goodness of the product.


Nichrome is a reliable fully automatic rice packaging machine supplier in Bangladesh, committed to provide high-quality air-tight food packaging systems, combined with exceptional customer support.

Our airtight food packaging machines are equipped with cutting-edge technology and offer innovative rice packaging solutions that follow stringent quality norms.


Packaging for foodgrains, cereals and sugar is vital for storage, handling, display, and preservation of the product. As these are essential commodities and staples of our daily diet, packaging must fulfill all its functions at the lowest possible cost to minimize losses and bring down the retail price.

Nichrome is your one stop shop for a wide range of fully automated rice packaging solutions. We promise safety, speed, accuracy, and efficiency for enhanced profitability and assured ROI. Call us today to know more about our stellar machines and we assure you that you will not be disappointed.