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Multilane Stickpack With Volumetric Multiple Cavity Filler

For producers supplying free flowing powders and granular products such as sugar, salt, pepper, mouth freshner, etc. to food chains, travel and hospitality industries, Nichrome's STICKPACK offers unmatched efficiency.

Nichrome's MULTILANE STICKPACK with Volumetric Multiple Cavity Filler is a stick pack pouch packaging machine equipped with a product hopper of 25 liters capacity approx. and a mesh at the product inlet to avoid entry of foreign particles. A CE certified PLC controller makes it easy to operate.


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Technical Specifications

Pack Style /format Centre Seal Stickpack
No. of lanes 10 Lanes (depending on stick width)
Quantity 1-5 g, 3-7 g or 5-10 g (dedicated for specific range option)
Capacity 450 to 500 packs/min
Packing Material Heat Sealable laminate films like Polyester/Poly, Metalised Polyester/poly, Paper/poly etc.
Pack Size Range 17 mm W x 45 - 170 mm L (Adjustable)
Maximum Roll Width 400 mm max.
Maximum Roll Diameter 400 mm
Air consumption 6 bar, 300 litres/min
Electrical Supply Stabilised 415 VAC, 3 phase, 4 wire, 50 Hz, 3 KWH
Overall Machine dimension 1350 mm W x 1700 mm D x 2230 mm H
Weight of the machine (approx.) 600kg
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