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For packaging oil and other viscous products such as ghee, ketchup, fruit pulp, mayonnaise, curry pastes, and even grease, paint, adhesives, etc., FILPACK SERVO SMD spells peace of mind.

FILPACK SERVO SMD is a durable, heavy-duty performer, with touch screen HMI panel and PLC that controls operations. It occupies less floor space and has an enclosed SS cabinet for hygienic operation.

FILPACK SERVO SMD comes with twin head construction with independent head operation so you can pack two different products and quantities simultaneously.


Pasteurised Fruit Pulp, Mango Pulp, Fresh Cream, Tomato Puree, Bread Spread, Curry Paste, Mayonnaise, Grease, Fevicol, Paint & Varnishes

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Technical Specifications

Quantity Output                              Accuracy
                                 100 ml / 200 ml / 500 ml 5 layer film
80-85 packs/min               +/-2 ml
                                 1000 ml 5 layer film
70-80 packs/min               +/-2 ml
Pack Size 50 ml to 300 ml              200 ml to 1000 ml
                                 Min. Pack Size (WxL) approx. 100-140 mm x 50 mm       125-162.5 mm x 75 mm
                                 Max. Pack Size (WxL) approx. 100-140 mm x 250 mm     125-162.5 mm x 250 mm

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