Snacks Packaging Machine

Elevate your Snack Packaging with Nichrome

Consumers are turning away from loose snacks and mithai and are gravitating towards hygienically packaged products. With online shopping becoming the norm across India, it is imperative for marketers of snacks to consider automated snack packaging machines. They are the ideal way to build your customer base and expand your market reach.

High-grade snack packaging brings with it many advantages like:

  • Attractive retail appeal
  • Hygienic products, untouched by human hands
  • Effective protection from air, water and other contaminants
  • Longer shelf life
  • Improved mobility
  • Ease of transportation, distribution and storage

Nichrome’s Snack Packaging Machines:

As India’s leading provider of integrated packaging solutions, Nichrome offers the whole gamut of offerings for snack packaging. Nichrome’s range of snacks packaging machines and namkeen packaging machines are designed to suit different needs and budgets and offer some common advantages:

  • High-speed performance
  • Accurate weighing and filling
  • Excellent vacuum sealing
  • Ease in changeover for multiple products
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance
  • Flexible pouch formats
  • Durable construction
  • HACCP & GMP compliant
  • Reliable performance
  • Flexibility with different fillers

With so many features, snack manufacturers can avail huge benefits from Snack Packaging Machines. Increased speed and efficiency result in improved productivity for your production facilities and longer shelf life for your products.

Choosing a Pouch Format

Nichrome’s offerings include a wide range of automated snack food packaging machines, and each of them offers different flexible packaging formats. A few of the most popular snack packaging formats include:

  • Chain of Small Pouches Nichrome’s Sprint 250 Snack Pack machine can pack snacks such as chips, namkeen, stuffed snacks, dry fruits etc in different sizes of Centre Seal Pillow Pouches. It comes with a perforation mechanism that can produce a chain of pouches that can be easily displayed in retail stores.
  • Large Bulk Packs Snack packaging machines from Nichrome offer a range of large pouch formats like the Gusset, Gusset with D-cut, Penta Seal and Quad Seal pouches. The machines are the ideal solution for bulk packaging up to 10 kgs and can pack at a speed of 80 bags per minute.
  • Sealed Trays Tray sealing machines from Nichrome are the perfect choice for the packaging of India mithai, snacks and other food products. Nichrome’s MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) technology ensures the safe packaging of snacks in preformed trays, unsullied by human hands and sealed tight in a modified atmosphere that works to prevent spoilage and extends shelf life.

Special Innovations for Startups:

Of late, many snack manufacturers are feeling the need to automate their packaging process. Snack manufacturers need modern packaging that’s safe, accurate and effective in order to retain old customers, attract new ones, and make inroads into new markets. Having said that, we need to consider the fact that not every snack producer has the space or budget for an expensive snack packaging machine. Nichrome has come up with a solution – A special snack packaging machine under the brand name ‘E-line’ for startups and small-medium enterprises.

Nichrome’s Wing 200 E-line is a special entry-level snack packaging machine that offers the holistic technology, expertise and reliability of Nichrome in a compact, affordable format. This line is designed to fit limited space, budget and performance expectations. This is the ideal packaging machine for snacks like chips, kurkure, namkeen, pasta, dry fruits, candies and even sugar, grains and pulses. The snack products are vacuum-packed at a speed of 80 bags per minute. Pouch formats include economical Centre Seal Pillow Pouches (CSPP), as well as perforated chains of pouches.


With modern consumers becoming increasingly concerned about hygiene and safety, automated snack packaging is an imperative need. The experience during the pandemic further highlighted the need for hygienic packaging.

It makes sense for snack producers to partner with a snack packaging machine manufacturer who is knowledgeable and has a good understanding of the business. Nichrome’s offerings include a wide range of high-quality, high-speed snack packaging machines, which they can customize to provide solutions for specific needs.

Nichrome is India’s leading packaging machine manufacturer and provider of integrated packaging solutions for a wide range of applications across the Food, Pharma and other industries. Nichrome has more than four decades of experience and considerable expertise in the industry and offers a product range that delivers the most relevant and cost-effective automated packaging solution.

Whether your requirement is for Liquid packaging, solid packaging, viscous packaging; food, non-food or pharmaceutical products; whether you are on the lookout for a Tea packaging machine, Sachet filling machine, Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines, Liquid packaging machines, Spice packaging machine, Coffee packaging machine, Automatic Sugar Filling Machine, Sugar packaging machine – whatever your need may be, connect with Nichrome.

Nichrome believes in dynamically partnering with customers to design the optimum packaging solution. With its vast expertise, technology, R&D and manufacturing capabilities, Nichrome can even provide customised solutions to configure the ideal integrated packaging solution for your business requirements.

Nichrome also offers training for customers’ staff and assures quick service and maintenance support. You can easily and definitely overcome your packaging challenges with Nichrome as your packaging partner. Visit to learn more!